Precision made

Machined parts crafted to fit together perfectly

Precision made

Our pens are all metal made. The parts of the pen are manufactured using state of the art CNC technology.The clicking mechanism is manufactured with multiple axis simultaneous machining.

Most parts are made of solid Titanium. A very hard and durable metal. Titanium is one of the modern, advanced materials, and as such requires special tools. Because it is so hard, titanium can be difficult to manipulate. Titanium conducts and holds heat so well that tools can be damaged or destroyed very quickly by the heat generated.
We pay the same attention to the processing of hard steel and soft brass.

The final assembly is made by hand. The individual parts of the mechanism are examined and adjusted manually if necessary. Each part is adjusted to another, so they fit together perfectly. The surface of the pen is hand finished and polished.
Finally we check and inspect each pen separately.

And that is what makes each pen unique.

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