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Grip area

Grip area is the area of contact between the writing instrument and the writer. This is the point, where a flow of energy between a person and a pen occurs, where energy transforms from one’s thoughts into artwork.

We want the pen to be an instrument for pouring ideas onto the paper. There are many ways of holding pens and we do not want to restrict an individual in the way he or she holds a pen. Nor do we want to disturb the flow of ideas onto the paper. That is why we made sure there are no excessive finger grooves and no restrictions on where or how one grips the pen.

The body of the pen is a simple cylinder. The surface of the pen is raw machined, smooth polished natural titanium finish. Minimal anti-slip finger grooves are subtle, delicate incisions that provide grip and allow the long-term use of the pen and yet do not constitute an obstacle, when your hand gets into writing a longer text.

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