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The creation of high-quality, elegant pen to work in demanding conditions

Development of the pen

After setting the basic requirements for the pen, we started to develop solutions.

For a pen to be robust and powerfully built, metal was the material of choice. Materials are selected according to their purpose. To attain durability, we chose Titanium as the right material. It is corrosion resistant and has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element. The clip is made of spring stainless steel, thus achieving the required elasticity and flexibility. The push mechanism is made from a proven combination of brass and stainless steel.

We found it important for the pen to be easy to assemble. When dirt comes in, it must be easy to take the pen apart, clean it and put it back together. So all parts are installed without screws.

For the pen to be easily operated with one hand, it seemed best to use a retractor with a push mechanism, which has no detachments such as covers. Many pens use a twist mechanism, but that can be difficult to operate when only one hand is available. That led us to the development of our own all metal push mechanism.

Since titanium is one of the metals with poor metal-on-metal movement, we  loosened the tolerances. When titanium surface is rubbed or slid against other hard materials galling is often found. By loosening the tolerances we gave the parts space to breathe.

We are continuously trying to improve our products to make our products better and better.

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