My Story

My story

profilna slikaI am a mechanical engineer by education and I have worked in development and engineering ever since I entered the industry. I gained practical experience while  working as a product developer in the automotive industry, as a technologist in the field of thermoplastic injection mould engineering and manufacture and as an engineer and product manager in a company that develops systems and process solutions for tasks in printed circuit board technology and microelectronics. In my work, I have familiarised myself with a various technologies and approaches.

A drive to innovate led me to establish my own engineering office. Primarily we develop industrial equipment, machines, and various devices. And in addition to our engineering work we can also offer a writing instrument, which we hope will offer you a lot of satisfaction and joy.


Address:   Konstrukcijski biro Jevnik, Boštjan Jevnik, s.p.
                   Aljaževa ulica 9
                   4270 Jesenice
                   European Union
E-mail: #EM#696f646c446e69697b7d787e67796b7d3d61777d3a76797a#EM#
Phone: +386 59 150 958

Where writer meets the pen

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Machined parts crafted to fit together perfectly

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  • Konstrukter
    Aljaževa ulica 9
    4270 Jesenice
  • +386 59 150 958