Story behind the pen

The Idea of Heavy Duty Metal Pen to last

shop product 08 2To me, as a mechanical designer, engineer and owner of an engineering office, a writing instrument is my primary working tool in addition to my modern computer. I use both at meetings in the office, on the road and in the field. I write notes and I draw with my pen. In my work, I destroy many pens. And you know how sometimes you get attached to a pen... and it fails. 

I found that I need a pen, which will handle all these tasks. The pen that I can take with me to meetings with prospective business partners or to work in the workshop. 

Shortly we have found that a pen we want has to be an elegant heavy duty pen. The pen should be primarily a pen for work, therefore a design should encourage the purpose.

So we established a number of requirements:

  • must be robust and easy to assemble
  • must be operated with one hand, while in other hand a ruler or book is held
  • needs to have a pocket clip, so you can wear it
  • must be a reliable pen

And so we created our own high-quality, durable and elegant pen to work in demanding conditions.
With this pen, we have carried the characteristics of the working utility from the field to the office and of elegance to the terrain.

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